Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I am at the airport in Istanbul,Turkey. Waiting for my gate to open so that I can fly off to the next stop which happens to be a quaint, beach town off the coast of Kusudasi. (also Turkey)I got to tell you, there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing  Starbucks in the distance when you are in a foreign nation. It's like the embassy of familiarity. Some stability and security in an otherwise totally unpredictable and uncertain situation.
So, I sit here, sipping my warm latte and knowing it's going to give me the much needed boost after sleeping 3 hours on the 9 hour flight from Johannesburg to Istanbul. I wonder how I am going to get to my final destination cause it is still 3 bus trips away before I arrive. Maybe I should lessen a few catch phrases on the plane if the person next to me would be obliging and patient enough to try and teach me. Things like "Is this the bus to Kusudasi?" and " Do you think that guy looks like he could be into human trafficking cause I hate to judge but...he is looking a little dodgy...if I was you daughter, would you be stoked if I accepted a lift from a guy that looked like that...." Ja, I probably need to learn a few simple sentences like that.

Well anyways, my gate just started boarding, so I better go. Hopefully, I make it



  1. Any chance you are coming to Belgium?

  2. Hi Luana, we are hoping to get to Europe as soon as we can :)