Monday, June 13, 2011

Holiday Tales

So Turkey is the most underrated country ever....Istanbul an even more underrated city. There is just so much history there, its incredible. Everyone will be happy to know, that even in my many lifts that i hitched with strange men while hanging in Turkey, not one of them turned out to be a human trafficker. In fact, those people understand something about service and hospitality to a degree that I never encountered in my life. What a educational a piece of dried's a treat but it's also good for you. That's
what a Turkish holiday is like. Its a treat but its educationally and historically good for you. Its also good for your taste buds. Rose jam...yum...Turkish delight flavored jam, the likes of which had yet to be discovered by my depressingly western palate. I had to bring a jar home, I couldn't resist. Then after Turkey there was Israel. OMG is all I can say....again and again and again. The place is addictive. The Arrows walked the streets of Jerusalem until our little feet just couldn't walk us anymore!! SO much to see. Such and inspiring city, with a bizarre mesh of religious and cultural clashes. You never know what's around the next corner. Whether you will be in an Arab neighborhood or in a Jewish one. Everything is so close together. I can go on and on about it. I just wish that everyone can go and see it for themselves.

Tel Aviv is also the most awesome city ever...SUCH good shopping. Eventually we had to run out of the Carmel market for our lives cause it was just one good deal after the next and we would have spent our entire budget on great watches, denim shorts and tv handbags. We had to just run for our lives...

But its back to SA for us now, working hard on new material, feeling stoked about life. I got the new Brad Meldau album/DVD delivered into my lap tonight. It feels like the hands of God himself just flicked it in my direction in this obscure corner of Durban, South Africa. It's really hard to get albums like this here. So I am in for another treat, but this time not a dried mango kind of treat, more like a waffles with cream and maple syrup kind. Mmmmm.....I am hungry again.

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